Wills And Trusts Can Give You Peace Of Mind

Planning ahead means more than just saying who gets what of your assets. It means making sure you have a steady income to support you if you can no longer work. It means making sure your heirs and beneficiaries do not suffer significant financial penalties by simply accepting an estate gift.

The decisions you make today (or don't make) can truly influence your future, particularly when it comes to your estate and your care as an elder. Make sure you have an experienced wills and trusts lawyer to advise you through this process.

An Attorney Can Help You Prepare For The Future

At Ahles Law Firm, PLC, we offer experienced counsel in a wide range of estate planning and administration matters. We help our clients make informed decisions and consider issues that often go overlooked. Contact us regarding your questions and concerns about:

  • How to make sure your heirs and beneficiaries use estate funds properly: A trust can often be a good way to dictate how and when funds will be distributed to your kids or other beneficiaries. You can dictate that funds are distributed only after a certain age, or in certain intervals. You can even declare that funds can only be used for certain things, like education or living expenses. This way you can protect recipients from significant taxes associated with lump-sum gifts and make sure any heirs who have special needs remain eligible for much-needed government benefits programs.
  • How to ensure you have your financial and medical needs taken care of as you get older or become incapacitated: Estate planning is not just about beneficiaries. It also helps you ensure you have clearly outlined responsibilities for who is in charge of your finances, your legal rights, your housing and your medical decision-making in the event that you can no longer make those decisions yourself.

Do not leave your loved ones to wonder what you would have wanted. Do not leave them to struggle with a drawn-out probate process because of a contested will or an incomplete estate plan. We can help.

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