Marriage Dissolution (Divorce)

A marriage is terminated in Minnesota by means of a dissolution. The more common term for a dissolution is a divorce. While the law formerly required the courts to find either spouse at fault for causing the demise of the marriage, a spouse may now seek a dissolution based on "an irretrievable breakdown of the marital relationship." In plain-speak, that means either spouse may seek a divorce once the parties can no longer function as a married couple.

At Ahles Law Firm, PLC, in Roseville, Minnesota, we have experience handling a wide variety of divorces for clients of various cultural backgrounds. Our attorneys have handled cases involving almost no property and no children where the married couple was able to agree to sign off on the order and cases involving complex business valuation issues, child custody issues, same-sex couple issues and issues of spousal maintenance.

Each divorce is different. Each case presents its own unique challenges and opportunities. Contact us online or call 651-200-4805 to discuss how we can best help you.

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