About Ahles Law Firm, PLC

Many clients who contact our office feel defeated. They know that they will inevitably have to deal with a legal dispute, and they do not always feel like they have a say in the matter.

At Ahles Law Firm, PLC, we want our clients to feel empowered — to speak up about what they need and to go after a result that is customized to their family's needs. In most cases, this does not happen through lengthy litigation. It happens by putting aside one's personal disputes and taking a pragmatic approach.

A Local Roseville Firm To Help You Find Resolution

As an experienced attorney, a former paralegal and a Rule 114 qualified neutral, Jo Ann Ahles brings a depth of experience to every case. She works personally with our clients to uncover the true origin of disputes so that they can start working toward a solution.

Many family law and divorce cases have issues that overlap with other areas of law, including criminal defense matters, estate planning, wills and trusts. Our experienced associates and professional staff work together to ensure every client has the full scope of their legal needs resolved.

Learn more about each of our lawyers and their career experience by following the links below or contact us directly to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation. Call 651-200-4805.