Mediation And ADR Offers A Brighter Outlook

When you and your spouse have a difficult time moving beyond a family law conflict, you may need to consider using alternative forms of dispute resolution such as mediation. Having an experienced and Rule 114 qualified neutral like attorney Jo Ann Ahles can help you retain power over how your case is decided while keeping legal costs low.

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Alternative dispute resolution methods can be used in a variety of family law conflicts, including those that involve child custody and parenting time agreements. Along with her experience as a mediator, Jo Ann Ahles also provides services as a:

  • Parenting consultant and parenting time expediter: These two roles are grouped closely together. When spouses cannot reach a resolution on their own through mediation, Jo Ann Ahles can provide a decision for them. This decision could then not be changed without a courtroom action.
  • Custody evaluator: It can be difficult to choose where a child should live and how his or her parent's responsibilities should be allocated after a divorce. Many factors must be taken into consideration such as parenting behaviors, the child's health, teacher assessments and more. Through a custody evaluation, this information is consolidated, and a recommendation is made about what arrangement would be in the child's best interests. The evaluator then meets with each party's lawyers and tells them what recommendation would be presented to the court.

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In some cases, Jo Ann may not be able to change existing custody agreements, but could alter parenting time arrangements, recommend counseling programs and otherwise help people make changes that improve their child(ren)'s experience. The focus is always on your kids and what works for them. Contact our firm to get the support you need for your children.